Carpets and furniture

Carpet and furniture cleaning

Of course we don’t need to tell you just how disruptive ‘that one stain’ on the carpet or furniture can be. In a spotless office, that one stain detracts from the image you wish to project.

For hard floors such as tiles, linoleum, and self-levelling floors, we can include periodic tasks such as machine scrubbing and applying a protective coating (conservation) in the cleaning programme.

We do not usually include thorough cleaning of carpeting and soft furnishings in the cleaning programme. This increases wear and tear and therefore causes the furnishings to look less presentable. Delaying thorough cleaning of the carpet and soft furnishings increases the chance of allergies for you and your employees.

We offer high-quality carpet and furniture cleaning as part of our service offering.

We are one of ten companies in the Netherlands who are members of the SWTM (Stichting Waarborg Tapijt- en Meubelreiniging – a certifying body for carpet and furniture cleaning).  This means that our people are highly trained and have all possible cleaning materials expertise. Guarantees apply to these services.

More about carpet cleaning

Simply vacuuming is not enough to keep your carpeting clean for the long term. Thorough or even deep carpet cleaning is required on a regular basis. Of course this depends on the level of dirt and the type of carpet.

This carpet cleaning not only improves hygiene and air quality, but also extends the carpet’s lifespan. Aside from one-off cleaning our expert employees can also draft a complete maintenance plan, tailoring the cleaning frequency to the actual use of each space.

Our specialists have practical experience with various cleaning methods. They will advise you about the ways in which your daily cleaning activities will best complement these specific additional tasks. And of course we ensure that each room is tidied up for your use after cleaning is complete.

Different carpet cleaning methods

There are several techniques for cleaning carpeting. The chosen method depends on the level of dirt on the surface and the type of carpeting.

DW Facility Services mainly uses the Truckmount method, which has a smaller environmental impact than alternative methods but still provides deep cleaning of your carpet.

Deep cleaning: Restrooms

Regular maintenance cleaning is not always sufficient to get those difficult-to-reach places under ledges and edges. The products our employees are licensed to work with are mainly suitable for daily cleaning activities. Organic and inorganic dirt (such as urinary salts, grease, and corrosion and calcium deposits) collects in these areas, creating an undesirable breeding ground for bacteria.

Offensive odours, technical faults and blockages will follow. In order to prevent these, we recommend deep cleaning. Our employees are also highly skilled in this specialist task and have all required cleaning materials expertise.

Deep cleaning is always worth the investment. Better yet: your daily cleaning costs will decrease!

This deep cleaning service not only performs deep cleaning tasks for the entire sanitary room, it also disinfects it. Our employees will also perform minor technical maintenance tasks.

We can also include these tasks in your annual planning on request. Their execution will always be discussed with you beforehand in order to minimize any disturbance to those who use the affected areas.

Deep cleaning: Kitchens

When it comes to food waste, we take no risks. Deep cleaning is the solution.

This consists of a very thorough cleaning session in addition to the daily and periodic cleaning of kitchens. Any tasks or items not covered by daily cleaning tasks will be performed by our employees during the deep cleaning.

This includes such things as:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting hard-to-reach places;
  • Thorough cleaning and decalcification of kitchen appliances;
  • Checking and repairing seals;
  • Inspection and decalcification of appliances;
  • Thorough cleaning of floors and walls.

This thorough cleaning of professional kitchens is a necessary addition to the daily cleaning tasks performed in line with the kitchen hygiene plan (HACCP directive). We can include the execution frequency in your annual planning on request.

We are a national cleaning company. Our headquarters are in Almere and we have a second office in Amsterdam. Most of our clients are located in Noord Holland, Zuid Holland, Utrecht and Flevoland.

Floor maintenance

A dirty floor is very off-putting. Moreover, of course you want your floor(s) to last as long as possible and minimize daily maintenance where you can.

Periodic maintenance advice is essential to the preservation of your hard flooring. The contents of the advice will depend on the floor’s usage, occupancy of the room, and intensity of use. We will draft this advice in consultation with you.

We will execute the maintenance plan for you at the times scheduled in the annual planning. Due to their years of experience, our specialist flooring teams know exactly what cleaning and maintenance actions are needed. Of course these tasks will always be executed in discussion with you to minimize any inconvenience.

Whether your floor is self-levelling, slate, marble, wood, stone, linoleum, or PVC: each type of floor requires its own specific maintenance methods.

We provide advice and maintenance of:

  • Conservation, stripping and spraying linoleum floors;
  • Cleaning, polishing or adding a new top layer to PVC floors;
  • Cleaning and repairing wooden floors;
  • Crystallising, polishing, treating or restoring stone floors;
  • Scrubbing stone and self-levelling floors;
  • Cleaning rubber floors and combating discolouration;
  • Advising about replacement floors.

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