DW Facility Services goes beyond the realm of typical cleaning companies because we understand that it is convenient for you to have a single contact person. As project manager and sparring partner in our collaboration, we will simply organise the things you request of us.

Sanitary supplies

Aside from daily cleaning duties, we stock your sanitary supplies as a standard part of our service. We will organize the entire logistics side of this through our collaboration with our subsidiary Clean Factory.

Clean Factory is a full-service supplier of cleaning systems, hygiene concepts, and sanitary supplies. Due to our independence from any supplier or brand as well as our specialist knowledge, we can guarantee you the most competitive offer.

We can include the required articles in a fixed supply and invoice planning based on your annual usage. If you prefer we can also put these on a collective invoice.

Whether it’s fixing a loose socket, hanging that one painting, changing the nameplate on the door… We can also help you with these types of tasks. Our handyman will do the things you don’t get around to, but which still need to be done. He is usually available at short notice.
Hostess, ‘the cafeteria lady’
A friendly finishing touch on your company’s image. The lady who provides lunch for your employees or prepares the meeting room for the arrival of your visitors. The hostess is the one who understands that those chairs should be neatly aligned – she knows hospitality.
Concierge, ‘the caretaker’
The caretaker usually works in buildings where multiple people are active without having clearly distributed responsibilities among these persons. Consider owners’ associations, shared business premises, or other buildings such as sports accommodation.

He will organise all those recurring tasks which lack a clear division of labour. From opening and closing the building and key management to cleaning, minor repairs and maintenance of common areas. The caretaker organises, coordinates and monitors any third-party tasks.

The caretaker is the primary point of contact for social and technical issues at the building assigned to him; a key figure. We can offer you this key person.

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Our services

What else can we assist you with?

Window cleaning
Of course you want to preserve the value of your real estate. You know better than anyone that the look of you building is the basis for your business success. That is why professional window cleaning offers key added value to your cleaning programme.


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Specialist cleaning services
Of course we don’t need to tell you just how disruptive ‘that one stain’ on the carpet or furniture can be. In a spotless office, that one stain detracts from the image you wish to project.


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Integrated facilities services
DW Facility Services goes above and beyond. Acting as project manager and sparring partner, in agreement with you as the client, we will also organise your facilities processes.


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You’ll always get a customised quote.


Every cleaning challenge is unique. That is why we include every detail in our quotes. But before we do, we’d like to meet you in person to get a thorough understanding of your wishes, opportunities and the way we can use our expertise to provide the best possible assistance.

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