Of course you want to preserve the value of your real estate. You know better than anyone that the look of you building is the basis for your business success. That is why professional window cleaning offers key added value to your cleaning programme.

Window cleaning

Only certified professionals are entitled to offer professional window cleaning services. Moreover, many legal regulations apply to this line of work. Naturally we would never compromise on a safe work environment and procedures. The law states that the client and the service provider have joint responsibility for ensuring that these regulations are observed.
We offer the following tasks:
  • Removing dust from windows and glass;

  • Window frame maintenance;

  • Indoor and outdoor cleaning;

  • Cleaning (conservation) of wall cladding;

  • Cleaning awnings;

  • Cleaning (advertising) signs and light fittings;

  • Animal-friendly anti-spider treatment (preventative treatment to repel spiders). 

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What else can we assist you with?

Specialist cleaning services
Of course we don’t need to tell you just how disruptive ‘that one stain’ on the carpet or furniture can be. In a spotless office, that one stain detracts from the image you wish to project.


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Additional facilities services
DW Facility Services goes beyond the realm of typical cleaning companies because we understand that it is convenient for you to have a single contact person. Acting as project manager and sparring partner in our collaboration, we will simply organise the things you request of us.


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Integrated facilities services
DW Facility Services goes above and beyond. Acting as project manager and sparring partner, in agreement with you as the client, we will also organise your facilities processes.


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You’ll always get a customised quote.


Every cleaning challenge is unique. That is why we include every detail in our quotes. But before we do, we’d like to meet you in person to get a thorough understanding of your wishes, opportunities and the way we can use our expertise to provide the best possible assistance.

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