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Your cleaning needs are our priority.


A pleasant, clean and liveable environment will increase employee satisfaction. And you’ll make a better impression on your visitors. It’s not just the first impression that counts – the second one still needs to shed a positive light on your company’s identity, values and ambitions. To us, cleaning means using our time wisely, setting clear and achievable targets and guaranteeing that your periodical tasks get done.

Result-driven cleaning

Result-driven cleaning means more to us than just daily cleaning tasks. In our opinion, it includes:

  • providing and stocking sanitary supplies (appliances and consumables);
  • loading and unloading your dishwasher;
  • cleaning and stocking your coffee machine;
  • cleaning the inside of your refrigerators and microwave;
  • refilling printers, restocking coffee amenities, watering the plants and organising on-site waste transportation.

When we start working for a new client, we always conduct a baseline assessment. This baseline assessment gives us an insight into the current state of affairs and clearly describes the quality that can be expected in line with the quote. We will clear any backlog of cleaning tasks before we start our daily work. After all, well begun is half done!

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What else can we assist you with?

Window cleaning
Of course you want to preserve the value of your real estate. You know better than anyone that the look of you building is the basis for your business success. That is why professional window cleaning offers key added value to your cleaning programme.


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Specialist cleaning services
Of course we don’t need to tell you just how disruptive ‘that one stain’ on the carpet or furniture can be. In a spotless office, that one stain detracts from the image you wish to project.


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Additional facilities services
DW Facility Services goes beyond the realm of typical cleaning companies because we understand that it is convenient for you to have a single contact person. Acting as project manager and sparring partner in our collaboration, we will simply organise the things you request of us.


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Integrated facilities services
DW Facility Services goes above and beyond. Acting as project manager and sparring partner, in agreement with you as the client, we will also organise your facilities processes.


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You’ll always get a customised quote.


Every cleaning challenge is unique. That is why we include every detail in our quotes. But before we do, we’d like to meet you in person to get a thorough understanding of your wishes, opportunities and the way we can use our expertise to provide the best possible assistance.

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