Sustainable business while taking humans, society and nature into consideration is an important theme for us.

We aim to achieve this by maximizing the sustainability of our approach and by building external relationships. As a result, developing and expanding activities in the field of sustainable business is a continuous process for DW Facility Services.

The human factor

We believe in people. We are convinced that DW Facility Services’s job is to create societal benefits. Within our own organisation, we constantly strive to minimise injuries to our staff; we pay extensive attention to ergonomic working practices and the mental wellbeing of all of our employees. We see it as a matter of course that this results in lower absentee rates: our absentee rate has been below 4% for years.

We are dedicated to our employees and their families; we are open and transparent. Employees can come to us any time, any day, with any issue.

All of our employees are given the opportunity to develop professionally by taking one of our specialist training courses. Of course the basic ‘cleaning’ course is a standard part of our HR policy and is included in our employment contracts.

The environment

Naturally DW Facility Services is very aware of the impact certain products and processes may have on the environment. We strive only to work with environmentally friendly products with a green character. Wherever possible, we have designed our labour and office processes in such a way to minimise their impact on the environment.

We are a nation-wide cleaning company. Our headquarters are in Almere and we have a second office in Amsterdam. Most of our work is for clients located in Noord Holland, Zuid Holland, Utrecht and Flevoland.


We are happy to invest in organisations with societal importance. That is why DW Facility Services sponsors a number of regional and national institutions. They support activities like children’s cooking clubs, sports days, but also Kindervakantieland (a charitable children’s holiday camp), Stichting Aap (a monkey sanctuary) and Amnesty International. We like to participate in the local communities where we work!


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